Transport Urban


This is the new and improved version of Best Route.

Whether you are a student, a tourist or a local, Transport Urban is the perfect journey planner “kit”: map, stations, tools, all wrapped up in a smooth interface, easy access, directions and everything else you might need. Plan your routes in seconds, share them with your friends or save them for later viewing.

Look bellow for screenshots with Transport Urban. Visit for the desktop version of this application.

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  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Establishes an optimal route between two points in Bucharest, using means of public transport
  • Uses GoogleMaps to display the city map and the routes
  • Supports the bus, the tram and the metro
  • Supports both day and night routes
  • Sets starting point or destination using GPS location
  • Uses GoogleMaps for search of specific locations
  • Can find various alternative routes depending on the current settings
  • Displays information about the computed routes, distance, estimated duration, stations passed, stations to change the mean of transport
  • Easy to understand, step-by-step directions
  • Visual feedback: view / explore your route on the map
  • Information on the calculated route can be sent by e-mail or sms


Current Version: 1.5

Price: Free

Date Added: October 24, 2011

Permissions: android.permission.INTERNET, android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, android.permission.READ_CONTACTS, android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION

Size: 0.6 Mb

Screen sizes: 240×320, 240×400, 240×432, 320×480, 480×800, 480×854, 800×480, 600×1024, 720×1280, 800×1280

OS: 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0

Future Improvements

For the future versions we intend to make the following improvements:

  • English language selection available
  • Saving routes
  • Saving points of interest as favorites
  • Optimization on the algorithm for calculating routes
  • Maps and route computing for other cities
  • Offline mode capabilities

Android Market



Here you can find the usage documentation for Transport Urban. For now it’s available only in Romanian language.

Version History

First Version – 24.10.2011

New Version – 27.10.2011 – fixed GPS usage issues

New Version – 29.10.2011 – Improved GPS localization. Added wifi support for localization

New Version – 4.11.2011 – Small bug fix on languages selection and a few other optimizations


Why does the application need Internet access? Future versions will be usable offline?

The application uses GoogleMaps API and as such it needs Internet access. Even if some of the features could be offered in offline mode, for efficiency reasons the computation of the best route is not made on the device but on the server. As such, Internet connection is mandatory. In future versions we will implement possibilities of saving routes and maps for offline usage, but the computation of the routes still will have to be done on the server.

Will you post tutorials regarding the way you used GoogleMaps here?

Yes, and also about the whole process of preparing your application for the Market, GoogleMaps overlays and maybe some info about route planning. At least I hope I’ll have the time for all these.

Left Right
This is the main view of the application, it automatically centers on Bucharest (or what map is currently selected in the application settings). It has a classic GoogleMaps view, has Zoom In/Out controls and accepts movement of the map by touch and drag.

The stations are marked on the map with specific icons:

  • blue – bus stations
  • red – tram stations
  • half red, half blue – both tram and bus stations
  • black – metro stations

Tapping on a station shows information regarding that specific station. See the next slide for more information regarding this feature.

Transport Urban view1
This slide shows the information displayed when a station is tapped. The map centers on the current station and the user can see the name of the station and the routes passing that station.

By pressing the lower right button the map will center on the current GPS position.

To start the main search dialog the user must press the top right button. See the next slide for information on this.

Transport Urban view1
The Main Search Dialog is shown by pressing the top right button.

The first field can be used to search for a specific location, address or point of interest. Further on, the user can select the day or night routes to be searched and the types of transportation means to be used (tram, metro or bus).

By pressing the departure/arrival button the user can select the departure/arrival point on the map.

Transport Urban view2

In this slide we can see the way the departure and arrival points are displayed on the map.

By pressing the compute route button the search for routes is started.

Transport Urban view2
The results of the compute route press are shown in this slide.

When routes are found they are displayed as a list with some specific info regarding each result:

  • number of links
  • number of stations in the route
  • estimated route duration
  • transported distance

Transport Urban view3

This slide presents the Route Information Dialog. This dialog is displayed after a route computing process has finished and a route was selected or when the Route Info button from the Options menu is pressed. It shows the following:

  • number of links and stops
  • the distance from the starting point to the destination and the transportation distance
  • estimated duration
  • the current route – the start station and line to take, the points of line change, the target station

The bottom buttons can be used to send this information as SMS to some phone contact or to an E-mail recipient.

Transport Urban view4
After a route has been computed and selected it is displayed on the map using colored lines. Only the stations on the selected route are displayed and available for tapping.

Transport Urban view5

The changing stations in a zoomed-in view have a black border and in zoomed-out view are represented as red dots. The walking space is shown on the map as a black line.

Transport Urban view6
By pressing the Menu button on the device we can see the Options Menu from this picture. On the first row we can click to see the current selected route info or the list of the resulted routes and also we can reset the current route search.

With the buttons from the bottom row we can see the Help, the Settings Dialog and lastly the Donations Dialog.

Transport Urban view6
This is the settings view of Transport Urban. Here the user can choose the following:

  • if the stations are shown on the map
  • settings regarding the special routes taken into account
  • special settings regarding the algorithm used for searching routes
  • the language of the application (for now Romanian and English)
  • available city maps

Transport Urban view7
If you liked this application don’t forget that donations can help us provide you more cities with public transportation maps and up to date software.

Also, don’t forget the site that can be used exactly like this application to find routes.

Transport Urban view7