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This is the section dedicated to my news & other announcements.

29.11.2015 - WowApp grows!

WowApp got to more than 300k users in little over 1 month from launch. Check it out and join

14.11.2015 - Roosterlandian news!

Soon, new updates for Chickaboo and also a brand new Roosterlandian game will join us. Again, early 2016!

23.10.2015 - WowApp is here!

WowApp – the project I’ve worked on with some great people for the past 3+ years was launched. The first free full-featured IM that shares the profits with the users or charities.

28.09.2015 - CuteOD Reloaded!

We are preaparing some nice surprises regarding CuteOD – Hang on till early 2016.

23.08.2015 - Alertify!

Soon to come – Alertify – our new Android Notification Filter is already in Beta. Stay tuned

10.06.2015 - IndyDraw was launched!

After almost two years we launched the V1.0 of our graphics project, let’s make it big – IndyDraw

16.04.2015 - CuteOD is ready!

Our latest project – CuteOD was launched in Beta, take a look here

01.02.2015 - CuteOD will be launched soon - stay tuned!

You can subscribe here and you’ll be notified to start cutefying people

25.12.2014 - Chickaboo is back!

Get our Christmas gift from here

05.12.2014 - Transport Urban is back!

The new version for Transport Urban just launched, it was made with Concept Apps and comes pre-installed on Vodafone Smartphones!

17.11.2014 - Linedrone is here!

We just launched the Android version, soon to come on iOS! You can download it from here

27.10.2014 - Get ready for Linedrone!

Soon we’ll launch Linedrone made with our friends from 32Bytes! You can take a sneak peek here

08.06.2014 - Chick-a-Boo from Roosterlandia!!!

Out latest small Android game as part of the Touchy Bits team – Chickaboo!

19.05.2014 - And we're back!!!

Finally we’ll have some time to start again with Android examples and tutorials!

14.02.2014 - Sedona POS is on the Market!!!

Sedona POS was made in collaboration with Concept Apps!

09.01.2014 - Transport Urban with over 100 000 users

Big thanks for the support!

11.09.2013 - Google Collaboration

We’re happy to announce our new collaboration with Google. Our data for 7 cities in Romania is used by them for their Google Transit service (available on GoogleMaps)

17.05.2013 - No 1 at Mobile Awards 2013 (Evensys)

Yesterday we received the first prize in Utilities at Evensys Mobile Awards 2013. Big thanks to everyone!

13.12.2012 - New cities available in Transport Urban!

Now we have Bucuresti, Iasi, Brasov, Constanta, Ploiesti, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara

09.04.2012 - Transport Urban with over 10 000 users

We don’t even know exactly when this happened, but here we are, now with more than 10 000 users on Android

29.03.2012 - Now on Windows Phone!

Today we launch Transport Urban for Windows Phone, implemented with the help of Nokia

22.11.2011 - Transport Urban - now in English!

After being very well received by the public Transport Urban gets today a new update, and with this, now it offers the possibility to select English or Romanian. Soon, I hope, other languages will be available too

16.11.2011 - Best Route update finally here!

I’ve just published the updated Best Route, adding tram and bus support to this application too. Still, its development will cease as it is being replaced by Transport Urban

29.10.2011 - Transport Urban App is here!

After a lot of work, Transport Urban Android Application was released. It comes as a development of the Best Route application with many new features. For more you can also visit

22.10.2011 - And we're back!

Sorry for the long delay, I’ve had too much “easy coding” and too little time for anything else. But in a few days I’ll be back here with the new Transport Urban Application.

15.10.2010 - New tutorials for Android & Bada coming soon!

Soon I hope I’ll have the time to write some new snippets on Bada development as lately I’ve been working a lot with this operating system. Also I’ll finish some tutorials for Android Threads, Handlers and games development

18.09.2010 - Just launched!

After the experiment I’ve moved here. Welcome on