INDYCODING was founded in 2010 by Romanian Senior Programmer Cristian Baita.

Here we are committed to bringing innovative software ideas to life.

Backed by a strong passion for technology and relevant experience with Android, Windows, Bada and iPhone applications and games, also sites and back-end solutions, INDYCODING produces software for small, medium-sized companies and enterprises. Some of our applications are available on request but usually we work with other companies based on recommendations.

We take great pride in offering software of superior quality by following a strict software development protocol. We provide professional documentation and support for our applications as needed.

Every successful company has the responsibility to use its resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world. That is why we keep a close relationship with the client and try to make sure that the result of our work satisfies the client’s needs. From the very beginning we have sought to establish key partnerships with other local and national companies. What recommends us is that we honor our commitments, we provide results, and we strive for the highest quality.

We can make a difference! Let’s bring ideas to life!

For those interested in joining our team please send your CV at this e-mail address