Hello World!

I’ve started learning and programming for Android a few months ago and as such I’ve often found myself spending a lot of time looking for some obscure solution for the various problems I’ve encountered. Sometimes I’ve caused them myself (all programmers make mistakes), other times I just didn’t know how to do some things, other times the documentation was wrong or scarce.

Anyways, I’ve thought that maybe my experiences could help others not to make my mistakes all over again or provide easier solutions for problems I’ve searched many forum pages for countless hours. Moreover, I thought I could give some insights fot beginner programmers in terms of coding “the good way”, how to think as a programmer, design and implement good code.

There is no perfect code, and as such I won’t say that the things I’ll describe are always the best. They represent only my personal view based on my experience in programming, and for Android just the things that I’ve learned in the last few months. Also, as Android (or just Java) beginning programmers are the main target of these posts, I’ll deal sometimes with issues that seem trivial and sometimes I’ll use code snippets that are easier to understand, instead of more technical ones. I’ll also tackle software development process issues as I find these to be of high importance to any programmer and are mostly neglected.

I hope this will be an experience from which we’ll all have to gain.

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